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Welcome to Atlas Industrial Supply, Inc. Here you can find: Bauer compressors. Since 1946, the BAUER Compressors Group builds high pressure systems that are characterised by innovative technical solutions and quality.

Compressors from our product range, reaching from standard compact diving compressors to complex industrial compressor plants, can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. ROTORCOMP, another daughter company of the BAUER Group, designs and manufactures the screw compressors.

BAUER supplies a complete range of medium and high pressure compressors for air and gas as well as components. These compressors are used in diving, for fire brigades, in medicine and in research as well as in a wide variety of industry sectors, such as power stations, testing equipment, gas recovery, seismology and the processing of plastics.


We have representative offices in:

  • Tampa, Fl.
  • Monterrey, N.L., Mexico
  • Saltillo, Coah., Mexico


Atlas Industrial Supply, Inc. aims to provide innovative solutions.


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