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Atlas Industrial Supply: Pelican, Hardigg, Storm, Pelican Gun Cases, Pelican Camera Case, Transport Cases, Streamlight, Notrax, Cortec, Bullfrog, Custom Foam

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Superior Manufacturing Group is pioneer in anti-fatigue matting design and manufacture.  We do not just manufacture matting.  Over the past decades, we have introduced new product innovations that are redefining the matting industry.  Our brand of Notrax® floor matting has become synonymous with quality, flexibility and customer service. As industries and manufacturing processes evolve, so do our matting products. We are constantly developing new products to meet the changing needs of the industry. We focus on customer problems and working together with them to create matting solutions that resolve the issue. Our innovations team continues to design state-of-the-art products through intense research and development using new technologies, new design techniques and new ideas.


We have representative offices in:

  • Tampa, Fl.
  • Monterrey, N.L., Mexico
  • Saltillo, Coah., Mexico


Atlas Industrial Supply, Inc. aims to provide innovative solutions.


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