With over 25 years of experience in the use and analysis of microorganisms, IOS BIOTECHNOLOGIES™ is committed to contribute towards the health of our planet and needs of our clients.

Our products are developed and formulated to degrade harmful substances with non-harmful methods for a number of various industries and uses from water treatment and maintenance to agricultural, processing plants, hotels, restaurants and more.

Our fully green biological treatments consist of a series of microbiological processes directed towards the digestion of organic matter. This process is mainly directed by bacteria but is accompanied by other microorganisms and surfactants. Our products have a high concentration of CFU’s (colony forming units) with what we achieve a sufficient presence in the degradation and decontamination process by the exponencial multiplication of the microorganisms.

IOS BIOTECHNOLOGIES™ offers natural solutions that guarantee the stability of the affected environment in pursuit of a more favorable tomorrow for future generations!

Hygea OleoClean is a 100% organic and biodegradable product prepared with the highest biotechnology. It is a highly effective hydrocarbon degrader which separates the hydrocarbons organic compounds (hydrogen and carbon molecules) decomposing the links that make it up and making them completely harmless.

It is composed of orange terpenes, bacterial cultures and other surfactants directing its action to degrading petroleum derivatives and other types of oils such as vegetable, animal, mineral and palm. Its high concentration of microorganisms (CFU’s) per cubic centimeter allows more dilutions making it more competitive and cost effective.

Our safety data sheet (SDS) certifies Hygea Oleoclean® as a biodegradable product, allowing its final residue to be dumped into existing sewer and drainage networks, thus saving additional costs acquired by transferring the residue to an authorized facility making Hygea Oleoclean® an irreplaceable substitute for chemical based detergents and degreasers.